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Mr. Hawaiian Shirt

The Man Behind the Shirt
Fanous Shirts
shirt 2 001.jpg
a placemat and coaster set

Hello my name is Josh, but my alias on this webpage will be Mr. Hawaiian Shirt. Why you ask? If you don't know then what are you doing wasting your time at my site. If you do know me than you understand the title. This page serves no real purpose. If you don't enjoy it, go away and never come back. If for some strange reason you do enjoy it, feel free to come back. I'm not trying to run people out of my site, I'm just trying to prevent you from getting you hopes up.

Since you've read my first paragraph and are still reading please ignore anything that this stupid host might have decided to put on my page because it decided I didn't have enough useless stuff on this site. Also excuse the ads, but between you getting annoyed and me saving money, I'm going with the money.


You can send me info or your feedback here, but I can't promise I'll respond or even read it.